MOLIMED color scan 54

  • Description

The top model of the color scan series with infrared and ultraviolet light.

New: red and infrared together selectable for higher efficiency.

Delivery in the exclusive MOLIMED CS EVA-box


After power on, the color puncture mode is selected. All the predefined colors mainly used for color puncture can be selected by clicking the NEXT COLOR or PREV COLOR switch. The following colors sequence is predefined: red - orange - yellow - green - blue - indigo - violet- turquoise - light green - purple - pink - light-gray - middle-gray - dark-gray -white - infrared + red - ultraviolet 370 - infrared 950.

The automatic color-scan-mode with color stop and go can simply be selected by clicking the SCAN switch. The following color sequence is predefined in the color scan mode: red - yellow - yellow-green - green - turquoise - blue - indigo - violet - purple - pink - white - light-green - orange - red. Infrared, ultraviolet and the gray colors can only be selected in the color puncture mode.