26 years MOLIMED

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1994 to 2020 - MOLIMED color light for professional users

The history of MOLIMED began with a study for the application of red light for tinnitus / ringing in the ears. The study was carried out 1992 to 94. The palliative to curative effect of red light in the inner ear has been confirmed by most of the participants. By the irradiation of the inner ear with red light the blood circulation is increased and pain is reduced. This can lead to relief of symptoms after a daily irradiation for only 5 minutes. The same application in the middle ear against inflammation has led to very good results.

We sell the color light pens under the name MOLIMED since 1994. The colors red, orange, amber, green, blue and violet were available. Violet was not available as LED rather than incandescent lamp with colored glass.
In the following years, more and more different colors and brighter LED's were available. Today we offer 23 colors. In addition, white, gray and RGB (automatic color changes throughout the rainbow spectrum) are available.

MOLIMED® color scan
In addition to MOLIMED pen with only one color, the MOLIMED color scan models are available now. Many adapters make the MOLIMED color light system to a complex tool for professions and for private users.

The MOLIMED devices are currently being extended by the MOLIMED ACF and CHK models. This allows the application in acupuncture and the Starlight Transomatic Colour Healing Dialogue © by Devageet Charles Newman.

The new MOLIMED LFI devices with pulsating blue light are very successful. With the light frequency induction the nervous system is stimulated with different flashing frequencies. Thus, the functions of organs and the brain may be affected.

Pulsating light frequencies are also applied with the BlueBrain® devices. This flickering light influences the subconscious and tries to make corrections there. All psychosomatic disorders can be influenced with this method.

Surface irradiation with red, infrared and violet to stimulate blood circulation and tissue growth and to relieve pain.