Light pulses on the solar plexus

  • The solar plexus is a dense network of nerves in the upper abdomen. Control signals of organs, muscles and glands are connected and routed in the solar plexus.
  • Information can be induced to the nervous system with a pulsating light. This type of transmission is harmless and more effective than other methods.
  • The solar plexus nerve tissue is an ideal receiver for control signals. With light pulses, the signals of organs, muscles, glands, and brain are transmitted in a simple way.
  • NEW   MOLIMED® LFImobile für S5 Weather sensitivity / sferics

The light pulses of the LFI-devices are in the low-frequency range. They can correspond to the signals from the brain. There is no attempt to correct the frequencies of the brain. The pulses can support and complement signals from the brain and thus act to regulate bodily functions.

For the application the MOLIMED LFI is placed on the solar plexus, so that the pulsating light falls on the skin. The light can also penetrate through thin white fabric.

MOLIMED LFI is a very handy device that can be used discreetly anywhere and at any time. Application for private user at home or while traveling, during the massage or as a support during other therapies. The operation with built-in battery lasts for up to 10 hours per charge. 

Please note:

The MOLIMED LFI Devices are no medical devices. They should be used only for wellness purposes and on his own responsibility. The devices cannot substitute an examination by a medical professional.

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LFI P20 relax

Four programs for relaxation.

  1. Calming - apply for restlessness, nervousness, anxiety, phobias.
  2. Sleep - apply for insomnia
  3. Children calming - apply for childhood fears, phobias, lymphatic diathesis, learning difficulties, hyper kinetic syndrome.
  4. Nirvana - This program can bring deep relaxation.
Weight: kg

LFI P30 stress

Four programs for programs for stressful situations.

  1. Nirvana - This program can bring deep relaxation.
  2. Boost immune system - for stressful situation that attack the immune system.
  3. Endocrine regulation - Apply for stress disorders of the glands function.
  4. Headache / migraine - Helpful in stabbing pain that is caused by stress situations.
Weight: kg

LFI P40 depression

Four programs for depressions of different causes.

  1. Depression / fatigue - for depressions with fear, tiredness, listlessness, fatigue, convalescence.
  2. Depression / fear - for manic phase of depression.
  3. Depression / hormonal - Apply in menopausal depression, menstrual depression, adolescent depression.
  4. Sunny Day - Apply to mood swings
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LFI P50 brain

Four programs for the regulation of the brain activity.

  1. Active Brain - sharpen the intellect, increase alertness and brain activity.
  2. Learning - learning disabilities, impaired concentration, impaired vision and hearing loss, exam nerves, forgetfulness.
  3. Remembering - improve the intellect.
  4. Blue Brain - Can dissolve old structures in the brain and the subconscious. This can enable new structures.
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LFI P100 travel

For programs useful for traveling.

  1. Jet lag wake up - to initiate the wakefulness.
  2. Jet lag sleep - to initiate the sleep phase
  3. Motion sickness - for ailments during the trip.
  4. Calming - sedative before and during the trip.
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Easy application of the brain frequencies alpha, beta, theta and delta with flickering blue light.

MOLIMED LFI 10 generates light pulses in the frequency range of the brain waves. The scan thru the selected frequency range needs 30 seconds. The light pulses are applied on defined points on the head or the body.

The following frequency ranges are scanned:

  • beta: 14 to 30 Hz
  • alpha: 14 to 7 Hz
  • theta: 7 to 4 Hz
  • delta: 4 to 0,5 Hz
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Discount 35%

All MOLIMED LFI programs in the same device

Currently there are 21 programs available

With the MOLIMED VARIO LFI 200 all available LFI programs can be selected on the OLED-display. The flickering light exits on the bottom of the device. It can be applied easy on the solar plexus or other body areas.

The battery capacity lasts for up to 10 hours. Recharging on every USB hub or with the wall charger delivered with the device.

Weight: kg


Discount 35%

All 21 LFI-Programs and the four brain frequency programs in one unit

With the MOLIMED VARIO LFI 210 all available LFI programs can be selected on the OLED-display. VARIO LFI 210 contains the additional four brain frequency programs. This light can be applied on points on the head or body with the light stick on the front of the device.

The battery capacity lasts for up to 10 hours. Recharging on every USB hub or with the wall charger delivered with the device.


  • charger cable, universal charger with EURO or US-plug (100-240 VAC)
  • charger cable
  • carry bag
  • MOLIMED CS giftbox
  • owner’s manual

Accessory parts for VARIO LFI210 must be ordered separately.

Weight: kg


The MOLIMED LFI programs in the pocket format

Every MOLIMED LFImobile contains one program. The pocket format case makes it easy to use during sleep, in the office or for traveling. Delivery with cotton wrist band for fixing.

Select the desired program in the drop down list.

NEU   MOLIMED® LFImobile  S5 Weather sensitivity / sferics

LFImobile contains a Li-Ion battery. Chargeable with the delivered cable on every USB socket.
Please order separate wall charger if no USB socket is available.

Delivery MOLIMED LFImobile

  • MOLIMED color scan
  • charger cable
  • carry bag
  • owner’s manual

Accessory parts for LFI 10 must be ordered separately. 


wavelength - luminous intensity (approximate max. levels)

blue 457 nm / 1’500 mcd
VARIO LFI 210: 2x blau 457nm / ca. 1’500 mcd

dimensions (WxLxH)

2.5 x 5.9 x 0.9 inch (65 x 150 x 24 mm)


2.5 oz. (70 gr)
LFImobile: 1.2 oz. (32 gr)


LFImobile: grey

power supply

VARIO LFI: Li-Ion battery 3,7 Volt / 1'100 mA/h.
LFI Pxx: Li-Ion battery 3,7 Volt / 700 mA/h
LFImobile: Li-Ion battery 3,7 Volt / 250 mA/h

power consumption

max.. 40 mA.


24 months on material and repair work