Nasal Reliever Penguin

Phototherapeutic nasal anti allergy device.

This cute little penguin can help with runny nose and burning eyes due to hay fever.

To assist the remission of nasal congestion, rhinorrhea and sneezes which are caused from allergic rhinitis.

The MSR SCB06 contains special chips of 660 & 940 nm in each nose tube. The wavelengths released by these chips are purposed to irradiate the mucous membrane inside the nose. It can warm up the nose temperature and promote the blood circulation in the nose.


  • It is the only product to have two special wavelength chips installed inside a single nose tube in the world. The performance is faster than that of the single wavelength products. This technology is protected by patent.
  • Dual energy for selection.
  • Two different size nose tubes for children and adult use.
  • It will automatically turn off after each treatment. (One treatment cycle is around three minutes.)
  • This product is compact and easy to carry. It is of no need to use any external power sources and very easy to operate.
  • This product is easy to use at anywhere, anytime.
  • It belongs to general healthcare equipment suitable for use at home.
  • This unit can be used alone or used with medicine.
  • This unit is certified by ISO-13485, EMC, ISO-10993, EN60601-1 and manufactured under GMP standard
Weight: kg

Photo therapeutic nasal reliever

Dimensions: 9.5 x 7.8 x 3.4 cm

Battery Type: 1.5V type AAA  2 batteries.


  • Photo therapeutic nasal reliever
  • 2 nasal tubes
  • 2 batteries type AAA
  • owner’s manual