BlueBrain® mood light


Open for a new experience?

Feng Shui with active color light

The BlueBrain® "mood light" lamp marks the beginning of a new experience.

With pulsating light it is possible to influence the mood of people. The light impulses influence the nervous system and the brain.

With BlueBrain® and the MOLIMED® LFI technology with pulsating colour light, we have been able to gain a lot of experience. Applied to the solar plexus with coloured light, the flashing frequencies can influence the nervous system and the brain in an efficient way. The "mood light" enables the use of light frequencies in rooms. This means that all the people present can enjoy the beneficial effect.

"Feng Shui" with light to promote and support harmony and well-being.

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BlueBrain® HT 30


BlueBrain®, the efficient solution for all psychosomatic disorders  

All emotions are stored in the subconscious mind. From there they can inhibit the flow of energy in the meridians. This can lead to psychosomatic disorders.

BlueBrain® HT 30 is a world novelty. With the device it is possible to relieve emotions and regulate the subconscious mind. The application is derived from the BlueBrain® application, which has been tried and tested for years.

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